Thursday, March 15, 2007

First blog post and article on openCollabNet

I have agreed to participate in the Submerged blog on openCollabNet and made my first post recently. I guess they did not read this blog too closely and notice my penchant for really long posts. Anyway, we decided to make the post into an article instead. The article is about installing the svnserve server option to run as a Windows service and you can find it here.

My first blog post then just became an introduction to the article. You can find that post here. If you have any comments on the article, you can leave them on the blog post. (Yes, that is four links to the same post if you are counting).

In the future, I will probably do more of my Subversion-specific posts on the Submerged blog and do the Subclipse posts here. I will figure it out as I have things I want to write about.

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