Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Subversion binaries for OS X

I am pleased to report that we are now providing OS X binaries (including JavaHL) on openCollabNet. This is an issue I raised before and soon after beginning employment at CollabNet, so I am glad to see it become a reality. Lack of a complete binary for OS X (including the JavaHL library) was a bit of a problem since Subversion 1.4 was released. There were some command line packages available, but nothing with JavaHL. I know this caused pain for a number of Subclipse users.

Thanks goes to Jeremy Whitlock for investing his own time and effort to get a Universal Build created, as well as learning the ins and outs of Mac packaging. I have been running this package on my Mac (which I now work on most of the time) for several weeks.

The other part of this news is that we are going to launch a project on openCollabNet to be the home for "community-driven" binaries. Basically, we can provide the bandwidth to host the downloads as well as community forums to solicit feedback etc. CollabNet does not have the resources to officially support every operating system users might be using, but this gives us a way to assist the community in providing quality binaries and also can allow us to gauge interest in the operating systems we are not officially supporting. I will follow-up to this post when the project launches.

In the mean time, I hope all you Mac users out there will download these binaries and try them out. You can post any questions or issues in the Subversion users forum on openCollabNet.