Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Subversion

A belated Happy 3rd Birthday to Subversion and those that made it possible. One of the developer's, Mike Pilato, summarizes the history best in this blog entry.

I knew about the birthday from some entries to the Subversion mailing list, but I did not know about Mike's blog entry until I saw a link to it on the OpenCollabNet site.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Subclipse 1.2.0 Released

Subclipse 1.2.0 was released today. This is the official stable release for Eclipse 3.2 and higher. The official release includes two last minute fixes to improve support for 3.3 M5.

This release has been in development and available via the 1.1.x release train since a little before the official Eclipse 3.2 release last June. I imagine that most Eclipse 3.2 users have been using this release since it was available. For those that have been using the 1.0.x releases, this new release contains a lot of new features and UI improvements, such as my previous blog entry about Live Annotations. The full changelog is available here.

One note to those that try to update and do not see the release. By default, the Eclipse update mechanism will not show you an update which increments the minor version number. So you either need to repeat the first time install instructions, or view the upgrade instructions on this page, which show you how to change the Eclipse preference that controls this.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Subclipse 1.1.10 Released

Subclipse 1.1.10 was released today. Details can be found in the changelog.

There are several changes in this release that should address the most common problems reported of late. Most of those are solved by the inclusion of the Subversion JavaHL 1.4.3 libraries and the SVNKit 1.1.1 library. Each of these has several fixes that were affecting Subclipse users.

There was also further refinement to how we handle read only files and the lock dialog when the validateEdit() method is called. This problem really impacted users of the Rational 7.0 IDE's as it seems a lot of their code somehow explicitly calls validateEdit() and bypasses the normal Eclipse ResourceRuleFactory mechanism that should be filtering out any items that are not read-only in the file system. Anyway, with the help of some of our users that were able to test the changes, we seem to finally have all of the scenarios working properly.

Finally, I have a feeling that the next release will finally be the long-awaited 1.2.0 release, which will become our new stable, recommended release. There have been some patches floating around for a couple of new enhancements, and if they get finalized and committed there may be a couple more releases in the 1.1.x line to stabilize those features. But right now, things have very much stabilized and if no new problems show up from this release, I think I will put out the final 1.2.0 release.