Friday, June 25, 2010

Eclipse 3.6/Helios key-bindings changes?

We have had several Subclipse users point out that their key-bindings for Subclipse commands are not working in Helios. Does anyone have any ideas/pointers they can give as to what has changed that would make this feature stop working?

Key-bindings are working for the core Eclipse plugins, so it is not like the entire feature is broken, it just seems that something has changed. Usually Eclipse release are very good at backwards compatibility. We still are able to provide a single version of Subclipse that works on Eclipse 3.2 and higher. I would hate to have to provide a specific version for Eclipse 3.6 if we can avoid it. We still get lots of downloads for our Eclipse 3.0 version!

[Update] - It looks like a user figured out a cure for the problem. Now we have to figure out what to change in Subclipse to do this automatically.