Sunday, December 31, 2006

Installing Subclipse on Vista

Matt Woodward posted about his problems installing Subclipse on Vista. His post includes the resolution to the problem, so check it out. By the way, this is a problem with Eclipse that would effect installing any plug-in that properly declares its size in its feature.xml.

This problem has come up before on other versions of Eclipse. Apparently Eclipse includes some native code to determine the amount of free disk space. When the native code does not work right, or is not implemented, then the Update Manager thinks there is not enough free space to install the plug-ins and does not enable the Finish button on the wizard. I remember this problem happening on OS X with Eclipse 3.1. I thought they (Eclipse developers) were going to make the Java side of the code handle this better, I guess they did not.

Anyway, I am sure a lot of Subclipse users will be moving to Vista pretty soon, so hopefully Matt's post will help them get past this problem. It also looks like if I change the stated size of Subclipse to zero bytes for the next release, that will also avoid the problem. I have added issue 594 to the Subclipse issue tracker so that I do not forget to do this for the next release.

Thanks for posting Matt!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this. I found this blog via search and now I will be checking it.

I am trying to test out vista in a duel-boot environment and I am having another problem with Eclipse 3.3.0 and Subclipse. The problem is that it is CRAZY slow like 5 minutes to show a project's sub folders. If I boot back into XP and run the exact same setup it is almost instant. I haven't been able to find a single other person experiencing this on the web, and was wondering if you knew of this issue or something similar.

Thanks! And great blog!