Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Incorrect Article about me at EclipseZone

There was an article posted today at EclipseZone (which I am not going to link to) announcing that Subversive has been approved as an Eclipse project. Congratulations to them, although this actually happened a couple of months ago so I do not know why it is news. Anyway, the article includes the following quote:
Since Mark Phippard has been quoted as joining Polarion on a flyer included in the EclipseCon information pack, perhaps the combination of the existing skills and technology will finally bring kosher subversion support for Eclipse by default.
Even worse is that this same statement has been included in the two-sentence blurb that gets repeated in aggregators like Planet Eclipse.

This is completely untrue.

However, I have recently started a new job at CollabNet, which I am very excited about, and will eventually blog about in more detail. I am assuming that the author of the post somehow got confused about this detail. CollabNet, as well as myself, are very committed to Subclipse and will continue to ensure that it is the best provider of support for Subversion in the Eclipse IDE. In addition, CollabNet provides support for Subclipse in their Subversion support packages available at openCollabNet.

By the way, the Subversive project being provisioned at, does not mean that the Subclipse-based proposal cannot also be provisioned. Although eventually there does have to just be one project, it is still early in the process. Our proposal got put on hold while I was looking for a new job. I could have advanced it to the next stage back in late November but decided not to. Once the dust settles on new job at CollabNet I will provide more updates on the proposal.

Update: The text of the EclipseZone article has been updated to remove the part about me. Thanks.


AlBlue said...

Apologies once again about the misinformation posted on EclipseZone. Any errors are almost certainly my own.

Doug Schaefer said...

At the end of the day there should only be one Subversion project at It's the Eclipse way. Wasting valuable resources building two plugins that are supposed to do the same thing doesn't make a lot of sense.

I seriously hope the two projects do get started and that the community finds some way to bring them together.

Newbie said...

Mark, Alex,

I am sorry this king of confusion occured, since does no help us in finding the common views. Anyway it is in no way my inent to conribute to emergence of such misunderstandings.

Regarding he 'news' about Subversive project creation - the actual creation review was done in December, but the actual provisioning (creation of site, user accounts, etc.) was finished about two weeks ago and thus was menioned as news.

Our acual intent is finding the common view points and joining our forces in reaching the goal (which we share - I hope) - superB Subversion support in Eclipse. And his is also the message I am trying to spread to people I speak with here at EclipseCon.

Michal Dobisek (Subversive)