Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Subclipse 1.2.0 Released

Subclipse 1.2.0 was released today. This is the official stable release for Eclipse 3.2 and higher. The official release includes two last minute fixes to improve support for 3.3 M5.

This release has been in development and available via the 1.1.x release train since a little before the official Eclipse 3.2 release last June. I imagine that most Eclipse 3.2 users have been using this release since it was available. For those that have been using the 1.0.x releases, this new release contains a lot of new features and UI improvements, such as my previous blog entry about Live Annotations. The full changelog is available here.

One note to those that try to update and do not see the release. By default, the Eclipse update mechanism will not show you an update which increments the minor version number. So you either need to repeat the first time install instructions, or view the upgrade instructions on this page, which show you how to change the Eclipse preference that controls this.


jeff.dalton said...


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
there is an error in the update site in the entry for the mylar-feature. The site.xml says version 1.0.2, but it is 1.0.1 (only online, zip-file is correct).

Thank you for the plug-in!

Mark Phippard said...

Thanks, it should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Caveat Emptor.

If you're changing workspaces on OS X and you import an SVN-based project into your new workspace, some of your files may have the uchg flag set. SubClipse/SVN will not be able to update this project. You will get an error:

svn: Cannot rename file

every time you try invoke svn. If you issue:

chflags -R nouchg .

at the top-level of the project directory this will clear these flags and restore SVN function.

It would be good if this could go into some release notes since SubClipse and Ecplise both released important versions this past week.


Anonymous said...

I updated my subversion to 1.4.3 and now my eclipse 3.2.2 crashes everytime I try to use my newly updated Subclipse 1.2.0. Is there a known issue that I am missing?

Mark Phippard said...

It is unlikely an issue with Subclipse. What OS are you on? The problem is likely with the binaries. I know Ubuntu 1.4.x crashes, as an example. You should follow up on the users@subclipse.tigris.org mailing list.

You could also open preferences to Team -> SVN and change the client interface to SVNKit. You might need to make Eclipse not able to find the JavaHL library on startup to do this. Such as renaming/moving the library.

Unknown said...

I'm using Subversive with Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 (built on Eclipse). I've had to recheck out projects after every Beta update until I found this:

chflags -R nouchg .

thank you.


Christopher Brooks said...

Sorry to post to comment on something so old, but there is a long standing bug for this: Eclipse Bug 188874 Import from FileSystem damages the files' chflags flags. The bug still affects Eclipse 3.4.1 in 10/08. Feel free to vote for the bug, the fix is easy, and I submitted a test case.

Basically, the problem is that under Mac OS X, making a file readonly with Eclipse causes the uchg file flag to be set on the file, which means that rm -f does not work on the command line and importing features from a previously checked out svn repository sometimes fails. I have other notes at Problems Deleting .svn directories