Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Subclipse and Eclipse 3.5/Galileo

With the Eclipse 3.5 final release now available, I thought it would be good to get a post up for Subversion users that are looking to install this release. Subclipse works great in Eclipse 3.5 and is easy to install. There are two versions of Subclipse available with support for Eclipse 3.5.

Subclipse 1.4.x is based on Subversion 1.5 client API
Subclipse 1.6.x is based on Subversion 1.6 client API

Install the version of Subclipse based on the version of Subversion you want to use. This is mainly an issue if you want to use multiple clients with the same Subversion working copy. If you do all of your work from Eclipse, then just grab the latest version. All Subversion 1.x clients can work with all Subversion 1.x servers. So, if possible, just use the latest version.

OSX and Linux users need to install the right version of the JavaHL library (1.5 or 1.6). Most Linux distros are still providing 1.5.x, but the RPM's from CollabNet include JavaHL and install on every Linux distro that I have tried (including Ubuntu). CollabNet also provides binaries and JavaHL for OSX.

I maintain a wiki on the Subclipse site with detailed information about getting JavaHL working on your system.

In other news, Subclipse 1.6.x now includes the CollabNet Merge client. This was developed as part of the merge tracking feature in Subversion 1.5 and makes merging from Eclipse very easy to do and manage. The CollabNet Merge client is part of the CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition, which includes Mylyn and connectors for CollabNet's trackers. The merge client is now also available directly for Subclipse users with no other dependencies. Users that want the full merge client, which adds the change set merge option, can install the CollabNet Desktop.


Mark Phippard said...

Yes, it works on 64-bit Windows. It is covered on the JavaHL wiki page I linked to in the post. Here it is again:


Unknown said...

What do i need to use the "change set merge option" ?? A special SVN-Server?

Mark Phippard said...

The change set merge feature requires CollabNet TeamForge. Some details are here: